Child Life Touch


Child Life Touch is an orphanage and charity based in the city of Ndola in Zambia.

The Orphanage has been supporting the most vulnerable children and young people affected by HIV/AIDS for more than a decade. In order to assist more children and persons by expanding their capabilities, they required a way to tell their story to a wider audience and thus garner more support and donations.

Child Life Touch provides hope and a chance for a regular life for vulnerable children.

I designed the site and reworked their branding. When thinking of HIV/AIDS, many would think of it as a death sentence, Child Life Touch challenges this notion by providing hope and a chance for a regular life for the children. I wanted the branding to reflect this, the colour scheme is bright, welcoming and hopeful. The logo type is of an accepting embrace between a child and a carer and the heading typeface is informal. In combination all these elements help to communicate the vibrant, friendly and loving environment for the children to grow up in the orphanage is.

This was a pro-bono project and I’m happy to work with good causes occasionally as a pro-bono but most likely at reduced rates that reflect their budgetary constraints.

Child Life Touch